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We are a global leader in consulting, technology and digital transformation; we help our clients to transform their businesses through ingenious technology solutions. Capgemini is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients' opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. We are a multi-cultural organisation; join us as an Apprentice and you'll have more than 200,000 colleagues across 40 countries in your support network.


10 reasons to join

  • Your love for travel
  • Make a difference
  • Working with our amazing clients
  • Broaden your horizons
  • Forget the notion of the "typical day"
  • By your colleagues
  • Feel free to grow
  • Never stop learning
  • People come first
  • Your values are our values
Technology Degree Apprenticeships

Technology Degree Apprenticeships

Got A-levels or equivalent?
Determined to become a top technical professional?

Join Capgemini's 4 ½ year Technology Degree Apprenticeship Programme. It's ideal for those people who want a degree, but want to work at the same time. Graduate with Aston University studying a BSc (Honours) in Digital & Technology Solutions degree, knowing you have the skills and experience to have a rewarding career in the Tech sector. Roles can include Software Developer, Technical Applications Consultant, Insights & Data Consultant or Cyber Security.
Finance Apprenticeship

Finance Apprenticeship

Got A-levels or equivalent?
Determined to become a Finance Professional?

Join Capgemini's 3 year Finance Apprenticeship Programme. It's ideal for those people who want a Level 7 Qualification, but want to work at the same time. You will follow a structured development plan covering the Finance fundamentals giving you the essential skills to meet industry needs.
Cyber Security Higher Apprenticeship

Cyber Security Higher Apprenticeship

Got A-levels or equivalent?
Determined to become a Cyber Security Professional?

Join Capgemini's 18 month Level 4 Cyber Security Apprenticeship Programme. It's ideal for those people who want a Level 4 Qualification, but want to work at the same time. You will follow a structured development plan covering Technical Security fundamentals giving you the essential skills to meet industry needs. Roles will include; Cyber Security Specialist and Cyber Security Analyst.

Find out about the qualifications you need and what qualifications you could get

Apprentice programmes

Find out about diversity and inclusion at Capgemini and our diversity partners

Diversity & Inclusion

Find out about training, salary, travel and other benefits when you join us

Apprentice programmes




Apprenticeships Count - About locations, hiring, UCAS points, Degree, Salary, Travel Discounts and many more.



What can I expect

Meet our Apprentice Software Engineers, Applications Consultants and the Apprentice programme team. Find out about the roles, training, qualifications as well as expectations, responsibilities and opportunities.

Find out more about becoming a Capgemini Apprentice by watching our videos:


Apprenticeship Programme Overview

Learn about the roles, training, qualifications, expectations and opportunities
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Capgemini UK Apprenticeship Programmes brochure

Be ready to get started - Hopes. Dreams. Aspirations. We all have them. And chances are yours aren't a carbon copy of everyone else's. That's why, at Capgemini, we give you options – and the freedom to achieve your ambitions your way.



Selection process

We review applications on a first come, first served basis so we recommend that you submit your application asap. We will keep you updated at every stage of the process. Our assessment centres commence mid-November and will run through to May, we will be prioritising applications for our March and June intakes, so if you are applying for September or November and you reach this stage there could be a little wait until your assessment centre. Please do bear with us, we receive a high volume of applications and do review each one and sometimes things don't move as fast as either you or we would like.

Are you feeling a little apprehensive about our selection process?

We understand that our process is a little different and the prospect of a digital interview could seem quite daunting especially if this is the first time completing one. We have therefore created a digital interview demo which includes a great video featuring Ben (our Apprentice Programme Manager), Ben shares what to expect in our Situational Strengths Assessment and our Digital Interview. You are then given the opportunity to answer 4 digital interview questions. Don't worry we won't be watching these so you can relax and hopefully enjoy the experience.
We hope that you find our demo helpful and it helps prepare you for our assessment process. We understand that there is little opportunity to speak to someone until you reach assessment centre stage, so if you would like to speak with us please do get in touch with us at apprentices.careers.uk@capgemini.com and we will would happily arrange time to talk.

Selection process
Your application form is your first chance to impress! Take the time to complete it fully, answering the few questions to the best of your ability. Evidence that you have done your research into Capgemini and the role you are applying to.

This is also a great opportunity to tell us more about yourself and what you feel you can bring to our diverse organisation.

We look forward to hearing your story.
You will be sent a series of typical scenarios you may encounter in your role at Capgemini. We want to know how you would respond in these scenarios and will ask you to prioritise your responses from a list of multiple options. This will tell us whether you would enjoy working at Capgemini and whether you have the overall strengths to be successful here. As well as being a great assessment tool, you will have have a great preview for you of some of the things you might end up doing with us. You'll receive a personalised feedback report which gives you your top three strengths, and some advice for how you might want to further develop these. You'll receive this whether you're successful or unsuccessful, and the outcome will follow shortly afterwards.
During this exciting stage of our process you shall have the opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities using real-life scenarios. This engaging digital experience will allow you to view Capgemini in a different light and we shall be taking you on a journey and sharing with you some exciting resources such as videos, photos, infographics and case studies. Immerse yourself in this unique Capgemini experience and be prepared to showcase yourself using different methods (multiple choice, essay and video questions etc).

Our tip to you is to remember to revisit our website and keep up to date with the current trends in our industry. Also, be prepared to share why you want to work for Capgemini and why you think you are right for the role you have selected.

Relax and be yourself.
Our assessment centres are focussed around your strengths, and how you demonstrate these. You'll complete a number of different activities during the half day event. This will also require you to think about why you're so excited about the opportunity at Capgemini. We also hope that your experience provides you with an insight into what life could be like as a Capgemini Graduate.
Our assessment centres are focussed around your strengths, and how you demonstrate these. You'll complete a number of different activities during the half day event. This will also require you to think about why you're so excited about the opportunity at Capgemini. We also hope that your experience provides you with an insight into what life could be like as a Capgemini Graduate.
After the assessment centre you'll receive a call to let you know whether or not you have been successful. If you have, you will then receive a written contract and joining details. You will be contacted by your buddy who can help answer any questions you may have. Then your Capgemini story can begin!.
We're delighted to say that candidates who complete our Situational Strengths Test will all receive a personalised feedback report. Additionally, we feel really strongly about being able to provide feedback to all our candidates who attend assessment centres - this is done via telephone.
Due to the high volume of applications received, we're unfortunately unable to provide feedback at other stages of the process. We try to let you know the outcome of each stage of our process as quickly as possible, often via email, so please check regularly for messages from our recruitment team.
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What's it like when I join?

We think one of our key selling points is the flexible lifestyle associated with client work, so our apprentices are all people who thrive on travel and variety in their day to day work. We currently have people working in locations all over the country.

To find out more about the Apprentice lifestyle watch our videos:


Top Tips for applying to the Capgemini Apprentice Programme

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What our people say

Steph Quote
What our people say
James Quote
What our people say
Dave quote
What our people say
What our people say


Client Opportunities

Capgemini works with some of the biggest names in industry. Operating in 44 countries across the globe and
named one of the World's Most Ethical Companies®. All of our Apprentices have the opportunity to work on
client projects from an early stage in their careers.


Big Issue Quote
Big Issue
HM Revenue & Customs
HM Revenue & Customs
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The Times top 50
Met Police Quote
Transport for London


What Will I Learn?


  • Induction
  • ALE
  • Digital and technology solution degree
  • Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship Programme
  • Higher Apprenticeship Programme


Your Social Life

When you join there will be a huge amount of activities to help build your community and throughout your time at Capgemini there are opportunities to get involved such as:


  • Evening activities such as pub quizzes, bowling and pizza and film nights
  • During your initial training, we also give all our apprentices a selection of vouchers for dinner, bowling, ice skating and cinema tickets.
  • Opportunities to join networking groups such as Womens Business Network
  • Lots of amazing local community initiatives and volunteering to get involved in
  • Time off for volunteering .

I need a work permit to work in the UK. Can I apply to Capgemini's Apprenticeship Programmes?

No you cannot apply. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the role and the requirement to meet the minimum salary level set by the Home Office to meet the minimum salary level we would not be able to sponsor a work permit.

Does Capgemini accept speculative CVs ?

Capgemini doesn't accept speculative CVs for the Apprenticeship programme. To apply for any position, please select the appropriate programme here.

Can I apply for a role based on predicted grades?

Yes, you can. During the application process, you will need to provide a statement of your predicted grades. Once you receive your confirmed grades, please have your certificate verified by Capgemini and sent to the new joiners team.

Can I apply for more than one Capgemini job or programme?

No, you can apply for only one role at a time. If during our selection process we feel your skills are better suited to a different role, we'll discuss this with you. You can also tell us if you would like to alter the role you're applying for.

What salary do you offer apprentices?

We offer £10,000 per annum pro rata across the first 3-month training period, rising on successful completion to £16,000 for Degree Apprenticeships and our Higher Apprentices join us on £16,000. Our benefits package takes the form of your salary plus a “flex uplift?? that can be used to buy company benefits. Benefits include medical, dental insurance, additional holiday days, childcare vouchers, pension and corporate discounts. You can instead opt to take the majority of the uplift as cash on top of your monthly salary. You will also receive a work laptop and phone - depending on your job role.

If I am unsuccessful, when can I reapply?

If you are unsuccessful at any stage of the process, you can reapply 12 months after your initial application.

My grades fall short of the minimum academic criteria, but I have mitigating circumstances. What should I do?

Any mitigating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the recruitment team and business unit involved. When you complete the online application form, specify the mitigating circumstances in the box provided. A mitigating circumstance is a valid reason why you didn't get the grades you would ordinarily have achieved. Please note that Capgemini will consider only mitigating circumstances that have been submitted to your examining board and can be verified by Capgemini.

How can I get in touch with someone in Capgemini recruitment?

Please read the information provided on this page and related web pages. If you cannot find the information you require, email the recruitment team.

Can you explain what to expect from the recruitment process?

If we want to proceed with your application, we'll invite you to take an online test (you can choose a time to suit you). If you pass this test, we'll get in touch to arrange a Digital Interview. Next, we may invite you to an assessment centre, which includes a group exercise, interview and Micro Exercises. After the assessment centre, we'll telephone you – either to discuss your job offer if your application has succeeded or else to provide feedback.

Can I receive feedback on my performance at each stage of the application process?

We offer all candidates attending our assessment centres a feedback session via phone. Because of the large volume of applications, we are unable to provide feedback if you are unsuccessful at the application or telephone interview stages. We try to let you know the outcome of each stage of our process as quickly as possible, often via email, so please check regularly for messages from our recruitment team.

What are your closing dates for applications?

As we run intakes throughout the year, different opportunities are opening and closing all the time. We recommend you follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest information and great insights into our Apprenticeship programmes.

What programme should I apply to?

Our 1-year Advanced Apprenticeship Programme is targeted at those qualified to GCSE level or equivalent. The 4 ½ year Degree Apprenticeship is for people with A-levels or equivalent who aim to study at degree level. If you're unsure which opportunity is right for you, please get in touch with the team, who'll be able to advise further.

Am I guaranteed a job at the end of the programme?

You join Capgemini on day one as a full-time employee. Even after you finish your Apprenticeship your career will continue with Capgemini.

How long is the Higher Apprenticeship programme?

The Higher Apprenticeship programme lasts 18 months in total. As well as working on the day to day delivery of Capgemini client projects, you will undertake work based learning and classroom based teaching; giving you a good foundation and entry point into your career in IT.

How long is the Degree Apprenticeship programme?

The Degree Apprenticeship lasts 4 ½ years in total. The degree has three, eighteen month stages, each equivalent to a normal academic year. Each stage comprises three six-month blocks. This pattern of study is designed to fit around full-time employment and uses a blended learning approach, which mixes distance learning, work-based study and attendance at on-campus study days.

What help will you give me to get started on the programme?

We invest heavily in the development of all of our apprentices. Throughout the duration of your course you will be supported by our dedicated Programme Team and your management network aswell as the support of your peers in our well established Apprentice community.

Do I get to go home during ALE?

We will fund two weekend trips home during this time, and you're welcome to go home for more weekends if you would like to.

Will I always work in the office that is my base location?

In order to understand and meet our clients' needs fully – and so that we can work as a team – most Capgemini projects are based on client sites. This means in a normal working week you will be working out of the client's office, wherever it may be, rather than at your base location. All reasonable expenses will be paid when you are staying away from home. Most of our apprentices find this a really exciting opportunity, as you'll see from the video content we have on the site.

What happens after I have accepted my offer?

After you have accepted your offer we will need to collect certain information from you and you will be asked for this by the onboarding team. You will need to fill out forms with your personal information (eg. name, address etc) and also send us your bank details so that we can get you registered onto pay roll. We will also ask you to gives us details for references and complete a medical questionnaire so that we can ensure you receive all the support that you need when you enter the business and that any special requirements are put in place for you. You will also be asked to send copies of documents to prove your identity (usually drivers licence or passport), work visas where appropriate, national insurance documents, a photo for your security card and more. This may sounds like a lot but do not worry – the onboarding team will be with you at every step of the process and will be on hand to answer any questions that you have. It is important that you get these sent to the team as soon as possible however as it can delay the process to get you started for day one.


Meet our team

We get an enormous buzz from seeing how fantastically successful our employees on these programmes are in the business, as well as being able to share those successes with future employees too. The team are the lovely people you'll meet throughout our application process, from those enthusing about us at careers events, through to the team who run your assessment centres.

Capgemini is an amazing place to start your career, and we're thrilled to be sharing that message with you!
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Stephanie Bishop
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Mike Procter
Laura Neville
Caroline Mcgovern


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